Lourdes Medical Associates

About Lourdes Medical Associates


Steven Fox, MD FACC President
Pierre Scott Executive Vice President
Denise Cortland, RN, MSOD Vice President – Clinical Operations
Matthew Finnegan, MD Co-Medical Director
Richard Levine, MD Co-Medical Director
Colleen Wahl Chief of Operations
Constanzia Churn Director of Revenue Management
Donna Bobo Regional Administrator
Jerri Carter Regional Administrator
Pamela Palazzi Regional Administrator
Louisa Waszewski Regional Administrator

If you need to contact any of our officers, please call 856-796-9200.


Lourdes Medical Associates, part of the Virtua Family, seeks to develop a highly integrated network of physicians and healthcare facilities that will provide high quality, readily available, and affordable health care to patients across a broad geographic service area.

By integrating primary care and specialty physicians with a common goal and a dedication to delivering compassionate care in both the inpatient and outpatient setting, patients will experience a seamless provision of care at whatever level of healthcare is needed.

Through the association of primary care and specialty physicians at the primary care level, patients will be afforded the opportunity for convenient care delivered by professionals in a setting that assures optimal exchange of critical healthcare information that enables physicians to better understand the complexities of the patient’s medical psychological profile and enables patients to gain a better understanding of their illness and their needs.

Through the development of an integrated electronic medical record, all important healthcare related information will be available to all providers of care whenever and wherever the patient requires intervention.

Corporate Headquarters

500 Grove Street, Suite 100
Haddon Heights, NJ 08035
Phone: 856-796-9200