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Breast Surgery

One of the most common treatments for breast cancer is surgery to remove the tumor and nearby breast tissue. The goal of breast surgery — either through lumpectomy to remove just the tumor, or mastectomy to remove the entire breast — is to remove the cancer and enough of the tissue around it to be able to determine whether the cancer has spread. Some patients with later stages of breast cancer may receive chemotherapy prior to surgery in order to shrink the tumor and make breast-conserving surgery possible.

No matter which breast surgery is required, our focus is on providing patients with the latest advances in diagnosis and treatment. We emphasize procedures that offer fewer side effects, faster recovery times, and better outcomes. As cancer care continues to advance, procedures for treating the disease become more targeted and less invasive. Advanced treatments include precise delivery of a combination of therapies (radiation, chemotherapy and/or surgery) to provide patients with the greatest opportunity for recovery.

To treat patients with palpable breast masses, surgeons can perform a fine-needle or core-needle biopsy, or do partial or complete (open) surgical excision of the mass in the operating room without direct radiologic guidance. However, if surgical biopsy is required of a mass that cannot be felt, X-ray or ultrasound guidance may be used to direct the surgeon to the targeted tissue during surgery.