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Family Practice / Internal Medicine

For most patients, healthcare starts at the family doctor’s office. Major and minor health issues are best spotted, evaluated, and tracked at the primary-care level; from there, patients can be treated or referred to specialists as needed. Often, patients who visit a hospital or an urgent-care center would be more efficiently treated in a primary care office or have conditions that would have been easily detected there.

Because primary care forms the foundation of the medical system, Lourdes has always placed it at the center of its work. LMA is well-regarded for its community practices that bring quality, personalized care to neighborhoods and communities around the area, from the most served to the most under served.  Primary Care physicians in LMA offer patient-centered care to individuals and families from all walks of life and in every stage of life. We are supported by the exceptional consultative services and comprehensive referral choices of the entire Lourdes Health System.

Bringing today’s know-how to families and individuals of all ages, LMA primary care specialists are their patients’ go-to resource for prevention, screening, disease management, and comforting personal care.