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Hematology/ Oncology

LMA hematologists/oncologists combat cancer with the most up-to-date chemotherapy treatments provided here in our community. Our team all work within the Lourdes Cancer Program to deliver the latest medical oncology services in a comfortable and convenient setting for patients.

LMA Hematology/Oncology prioritize both the patient experience and selection of the most efficacious, state-of-the-science therapy currently available for each individual. They scrupulously follow best practices in drug administration and in supportive care for every person waging the fight against cancer – all the time working in collaboration with their colleagues in surgery and radiation oncology. A vital part of the team is the program’s oncology nurse navigator, who assists patients and families throughout the process of care.

Lourdes oncologists follow evidence-based guidelines of care, including those set forth by the NCCN (National Comprehensive Cancer Network) and directed by our accreditation with the Commission on Cancer (CoC).These include:

  • Chemotoxic agents. This most common form of chemotherapy attacks cancers by targeting cancer cells. The various forms of these drugs may target different aspects of the growth sequence in these cells.
  • Targeted therapy. These cancer drugs have the ability to disrupt how certain types of cancer cells grow. This is a type of personalized medicine which determines which tumors are sensitive to specific drugs as a result of the patient’s genetics profile and deliver drug therapy that zeroes in on each patient’s cancer.
  • Monocolonal antibodies. These drugs seek out and match highly specific proteins on the surface of certain types of cancer cells.
  • Hormonal-related therapies. These therapies influence the effects of hormones on cancer tissue, usually preventing cancer cells from using male or female hormones to stimulate growth.
  • Vaccines and other immunotherapies. These investigative approaches seek to stimulate the body’s own natural response against cancers. The therapy works to reprogram the body’s ability to see cancers as foreign tissue and to control them.